GPS map of Ukraine for Android OS Version 4.7.1

Demo is free of charge (only map of Kiev).

If you want to get the full version, you have to purchase a license key.

Please, download and run on your device this file Visicom.apk (Version 4.7.1).

Demo is not limited in time.

In case Demo is already installed on your device and you want to get the full version of the program, you have to purchase a license key.

You can buy a license key via our online shop.

The cost of licenses key per one devise is 99 UAH.

After receiving the license key, please download and unzip the archive. The resulting folder called “db” copy in a folder called “Visicom” which is located on your device.

Next go here and fill out the necessary fields. Then you will be prompted to save the file in the following folder “Visicom/db”.

Installing of the full licensed version is completed (map of Ukraine).

NOTE! The license key can not be restored and is valid only for one devise.

New!!! 2 in 1. Navigator + Tracker

Tracker is the ability to transmit the current location of the navigator on the dispatching board.
This function is available to the user who installed the full version (purchased license key).

To use the service you need:
1) the licensed program navigation Visicom (version 4.2.1 release).
2) a device with Android OS and access to Internet.
3) SIM-card with activated Internet.
4) to register (IMEI) on free hosting or

Attention! Please, ask your GSM provider to choose optimal internet package.